Manual Suzzara Blue AdBlue™ nozzle

Price: 59.00 GBP

Suzzara Blue AdBlue™ nozzle is a manual adblue nozzle that has been designed to work efficiently within a urea installation.

This manual nozzle can be used in any type of pumping or gravity system, provided that it does not exceed its maximum flow rate of 80 litres per minute.

These AdBlue™ nozzles have a white polypropylene construction with a stainless steel spout, and come standard with a removable 3/4” hose tail inlet.

This is the AdBlue™ nozzle that comes with the Suzzara Blue manual adblue kits.

Please note: Manual trigger nozzles will not shut off automatically when tank reaches full

Suitable for use with Adblue®.

3/4” hose tail.

Can be used with gravity feed or electric pumps.

Integral hook for tidy storage when not in use.

Max. pressure 29 psi (2 bar).

Max. flow 80L/min.

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