Tank Fuel Theft Alarm

New FuelQuip TG3M Tank Guard


The FuelQuip TG3M is an accurate probe that measures the level and temperature of the fuel in your tank.

It continuosly checks for theft and leaks and works cpmpletely independant of any other tank gauge or monitoring system.

Do not confuse this system with overfill alarms, which are there to prevent the tank from being overfilled.

Do not confuse this system with low level tank alarms, which are there to notify you or your supplier that the tank level is low and needs re-filling.

This is a fuel theft alarm.


When the fuel tank level drops faster than normal an alarm text message is sent to the owners mobile phone. option also available to send several emails to set up email addresses at no extra cost. So in the event of a fuel theft a text message will be sent to the transport manager and emails to all transport staff alerting of a fuel theft.

It can also trigger (wireless) to a remote sounder or patch into an existing intruder alarm panel.


The FuelQuip TG3M is a cost effective fuel theft solution for:

Fleet Operators


Building Sites

Fuel Farms

Fuel Suppliers




TG3M Photo