Tank Testing

Pressure Testing of Fuel & Oil Storge Tanks & all associated pipe work

To ensure that your fuel sites comply with current legislation and environmental guidelines and that you are not losing fuel, through leaks in the tank, or any connected pipework. Regular tank testing should accompany routine inspections to minimise the risk of tank or pipeline failure,which can lead to fuel contamination and environmental consequences.

Benefiting from decades of experience. Pennine Pump & Tank Co specialises in the precision testing of tanks, lines, vents and vapour recovery systems, as well as in pipeline leak detection.
If there is a failure anywhere within the system then a full vacuum test is carried out on each part of the system to identify where the problem is
i.e. isolate the tanks from the lines and then test the delivery, suction lines and vents separately


We have never identified a case where we have 'passed' a tank, which subsequently was found to have been leaking; or failed a tank, which was found to be sound when excavated.