ZVA Adblue® Nozzle

Price: 522.00 GBP

The ZVA Automatic AdBlue™ Nozzle is designed to dispense urea and water in conjunction with the ELAFIX 40 adaptor. which is now standardised by many vehicle manufacturers throughout the UK & Western Europe and is also recognised as being installed throughout Europe at HGV service locations, truck stops and motorway service stations.

The ZVA nozzle spout sensors will only allow fluid to pass once it has been magnetically opened by the ELAFIX adaptor on the vehicle. Meaning it is very hard to accidentally cross fill the Diesel tank with AdBlue.

Whilst these Adblue nozzles are designed to provide a safer filling environment, they will only work in this configuration.
If the vehicle does not have this adaptor, no flow through the AdBlue™ nozzle will be allowed.

Meets requirements of EN 13012, ISO 22241-3, ISO 22241-5, ATEX category EX II 1G, all European regulations for weights and measures.

Automatic Nozzle Automatically shuts-off the flow of AdBlue when the vehicle tank is full.

Maximum flow rate: 40ltr Per Min

Suitable for urea and water

Supplied with ¾” Hose Barb Swivel or 1” BSPM swivel inlet.

Must be used with ELAFIX 40 adaptor

3 position stay open latch, which may be disabled if required.

For use with electric pumps only.

Approved for resale.

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