Stainless Steel Automatic Nozzle

Price: 204.00 GBP

Spill free delivery into the vehicle requires the use of an AdBlue (DEF) automatic nozzle.

The Piusi Automatic Stainless Steel AdBlue™ Nozzle is used for the dispensing of urea, and is designed to shut off flow when the tank is full.

These Adblue nozzles are supplied with a 3⁄4” swivel hose tail, which allows for easy connection to a hose by means of a stainless steel jubilee clip.

This is the AdBlue™ nozzle used in the Suzzara Blue electric adblue pump kits.





Automatically shuts-off the flow of fuel when vehicle tank is full.

3 position stay open latch.

304 stainless steel body, with viton seals.

3/4” BSPF swivel hose tail.

Max. pressure 50 psi (3.5 bar).

Flow rate 20 - 60L/min.

For use with electric pumps only.

Option stainless steel 3/4” BSPP swivelling hose tail. (ENDGRV.3SS)

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