Suzzara Blue Electric IBC AC AdBlue™ Pump

Price: 532.00 GBP

The Suzzara Blue series is Europe’s most popular and widely used AdBlue Pump.

The Suzzara Blue IBC Kit is a simple to use AdBlue™ pump designed for dispensing urea from an IBC.
The complete unit is easy to install and simple to move from IBC to IBC.
This Piusi pump uses a weather proof IP55 motor and incorporates a self-priming membrane AdBlue™ pump making it suitable for permanent outdoor use.
Supplied with a manual nozzle.
Hose and IBC connectors.

There are various nozzle options depending on the installation environment.

Beware cheap imitations, unlike many other pumps (which may be similar in appearance) this pump is designed specifically for use with AdBlue. The internal components of this pump are constructed from materials which will not contaminate your AdBlue supply.

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