Suzzara Blue AdBlue™ Pump

Price: 251.00 GBP

PIUSI are proven market leaders in the commercial refuelling industry.

The Suzzara Blue AdBlue™ Pump has been designed in response to the increased requirements for transferring urea, with many package tanks adopting their membrane pump as the first choice. this has lead to the membrane pump becoming Europe’s most popular AdBlue Pump. It has proven efficient, reliable and easy to service.

This new style of pump has proven a reliable and robust replacement to the conventional centrifugal pumps previously used for dispensing adblue from package tanks or IBC's

By taking advantage of a self-priming mechanism, the pump has numerous advantages over preceding models including the ability to be operated in almost any orientation making it suitable for both panel and shelf mount systems.

Beware cheap imitations. Unlike many other pumps (which may be similar in appearance) this pump is designed specifically for use with AdBlue. The internal components of this pump are constructed from materials which will not react with the de-ionised water content of AdBlue, neither will they break and pass into the SCR system.

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