K33 1" Flow Meter with Pulser

Price: 372.00 GBP

The Piusi K33 mechanical fuel flow meter with 10:1 pulser measures the exact quantity of the dispensed diesel fuel through a nutating disk system.
The K33's mechanical register
 measures up to 999.9 litres. The 10:1 pulser is fitted to the mechanical register and gives an output of 10 pulses for every 1 litre of fuel dispensed, the pulsers are fitted for connection to fuel management systems.
The fuel flow meter is reliable, inexpensive, and easy to install. The Piusi K33 mechanical flow meter can be installed with fuel flow horizontally or vertically, this is achieved by rotating the front face through 90 degrees. 

Thanks to their reduced flow resistance, these Piusi diesel and oil flow meters can also perform well under gravity flow conditions.

Minimum flow rate 20L/min - max flow rate 120L/min.

1” BSPF ports.

Max. pressure 142 psi (10 bar).

Accuracy of +/- 2% with adjustable calibration.

Aluminium housing & plastic cover.

3 digit register. 

6 digit non resettable totaliser.

Meter comes complete with 10:1 pulser fitted 

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