The Fuel Contamination Solution

Due to Biodiesel/Ethanol fuels becoming more common & the mix percentage becoming higher, fuel pump filter blockage is almost becoming an everyday occurrence on some sites.


How Does FuelMag Work?

  • The powerful magnet causes the cells to contract, breaking down the biomass into cells of less than 1 micron causing the bugs to become dormant.
  • Now the bugs are small enough to pass through the vehicles filter & be burnt off in the vehicles engine.
  • The result is no harm to the vehicles engine & filter contamination is reduced.
  • No maintenance required.
  • Ease of installation (fit between the storage tank & the pump).
  • Version also available to be fitted to the vehicle.

How Do We Know It Works?

  • Scientific experimentation by “The School Of Ocean Sciences” & investigations by CABI (the largest UK Government Research Institute) have endorsed FuelMag’s own testing programs.
  • FuelMag has 25 years experience in the marine, oil & gas industry.

To Summarise...

  • The use of bio fuels is causing faster & higher contamination levels in fuel storage tanks on site & on vehicles.
  • Normal mineral Diesel now has a % of biodiesel mixed in & with this on the increase over the coming years contamination will increase.
  • FuelMag is the natural way of protecting the fuel system from microbial contamination.

Pennine Pump & Tank Co. Has installed the Fuelmag where...

  • A site with microbial contamination in there tank with a delivery pump which needed its external 30micron water filter changing daily.
  • Even after the tank was cleaned within a few weeks the filters blocked again.
  • The tank was cleaned again & the tank had biocide added.
  • After a few weeks the filters blocked again.
  • The solution was FuelMag.
  • Pennine Pump & Tank has not returned to site to clean pump filters or supplied any 30micron water filters.
  • So the solution really is FuelMag fitted to your fuel pump by Pennine Pump & Tank Co.

Remember. Whatever your problem we have the solution.