Diesel Bug

Diesel Tank Contamination

In recent months an increasing problem is emerging within bulk storage tanks containing Diesel. This problem is commonly known as the Diesel bug.

Tell Tale Signs

  • Diesel pump running slow
  • Pump filters continually blocking & require cleaning
  • Vehicles breaking down, black slime found in fuel filter

How to treat the contaminated Storage tanks

There are two methods of treatment:

The first major step in seriously contaminated fuel storage tanks, is to have the tanks cleaned manually to remove all contamination from the fuel tank.

The second is to then add a treatment to the tank prior to the first fresh delivery of fuel. This then eradicates the diesel bug from the storage tank. In conditions where contmination is not so serious this step maybe the only step that need be taken.

Pennine Pump & Tank Co have successfully treated contaminated Diesel storage tanks for:

  • Sainsbury's
  • First Bus
  • 3663
  • Wincanton Logistics
  • Stagecoach
  • TJ Morris
  • Phoenix Healthcare

Contact us via phone or the contact us page on the webiste for a full factsheet on the Diesel Bug.